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About Us
With over 30 years experience, Balvac is the world's premier structural rehabilitation specialist using non-destructive testing, vacuum technology and the latest polymers and epoxies. From the vaults of the Federal Reserve, to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, to property owners like Tishman Speyer, Balvac has provided its clients with successful and cost efficient solutions to their concrete and masonry repair needs.

Balvac was established in 1983 for the sole purpose of fixing structural deficiencies in concrete and masonry using non-destructive testing and vacuum technology. The firm began as a joint venture with Balfour Beatty Incorporated, a UK-based global construction company specializing in the new build and repair of concrete, masonry and stone structures. Through their research, engineering and construction practices, Balfour Beatty initially developed the vacuum impregnation process in the 1970s as a means to more effectively fill cracks and other structural deficiencies in concrete and deficiencies structures. The process was brought to the USA when the joint venture was established.

The first major project was a multi-million dollar repair to an underground reinforced concrete parking structure at HSBC Bank headquarters in Buffalo, NY. The success of this project, from engineering to project cost containment, Balvac has been catapulted to a position of leadership in the restoration of concrete and in-situ structural rehabilitation.

Since then, Balvac has successfully completed a host of testing and restoration projects for various clients and structures around the globe; including the World Trade Center buildings and other landmark structures owned by companies such as Tishman Speyer in New York City; bridges for the Connecticut Department of Transportation; pier repair for the Williamsburg Bridge in New York City; parking structure repairs for the City of Buffalo and the State of Vermont; and damaged platforms, frames and foundations for Metropolitan Transport Authority in Boston, Washington, DC, and Baltimore, MD, in addition to tunnel repair for the Metropolitan Transport Authority of New York City.