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ASR and freeze thaw cycles causes concrete to crack,
weakening the concrete, reducing its service life.

For years Balvac has been researching and working to stop ASR, remediate affected structures, and restore service life. ASR can cause extensive damage throughout any concrete structure and recommended repair options typically include tear out and rebuild.

Balvac offers a cost effective alternative to using vacuum impregnation to not only neutralize the spread of ASR, it also restores the structures integrity–increasing is service life. Below are samples from our 20+ years of experience neutralizing ASR.

Robert Purcell Community Center
ASR Studies- Robert Purcell Community Center
Where: Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
Problem: Load bearing cantilevered beams suffered extensive damage from ASR jeopardizing the structure.
Solution: Balvac’s Vacuum Impregnated the beams restoring structural integrity without impacting the buildings operating schedule 
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Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority
ASR Studies- Robert Purcell Community Center
Where: WMATA Rail Platform, Washington, D.C.
Problem: On-grade platforms suffered server premature deterioration from ASR
Solution: Performed in-situ repair using Vacuum Impregnation restored structure’s compressive strength to 6,200–7,400PSI.
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Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority (N.F.T.A.)
ASR Studies- Robert Purcell Community Center
Where: Buffalo, NY
Problem: ASR Damaged Catenary Pole Concrete Foundations
Solution: Vacuum Impregnation restored structural integrity and test 10 years later show no further signs of damage from ASR.
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