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Commercial Property Owners
What matters most to you is that the repairs required to your facilities - perhaps its facade and surface rebonding, waterproofing, or some other masonry concern - are done with minimal impact to the ongoing use of the structure at the most cost effective rate.

The solutions that Balvac's processes can provide to concrete and masonry repair are limited only to your—and our—imagination. Did you know that our vacuum impregnation technology has been used to repair structures as varied as cracking in the vaults of the Federal Reserve in New York, to rebonding of platforms at Union Station in Washington, DC, to securing 15 stories of mosaic at the Eden Rock Hotel in Miami. Scroll through our project profiles to get a sense of the applications for Balvac's unique technology.


Balvac US provides cost effective repair using non destructive testing, vacuum technology, polymers, and epoxies. Balvac is a global company for impaired concrete and masonry structures; bridges, tunnels commercial buildings.  Balvac specializes and competes with epoxy injection, non destructive testing, concrete epoxy injection, vacuum injection, cement repair, cement repair wall, spall repair, pressure grouting, polyurethane injection.

Balvac utilizes its technology on bridge repair, non destructive testing for tunnel repair, concrete,  road slab repair, road void grouting, screed rebonding, grout injection, vacuum grouting, resin vacuum injection, by grouting injection leak pressure resin sealing uk, slab lifting, parking garage repair, facade, concrete restoration,  foundation repair, spall repair, vacuum injection for slab jacking, non destructive testingfor bridges, and non destructive testing parking garages, Negative Force Vacuum.

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