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Knowledge Base
Balvac is considered a leader in the use of cutting edge technologies in concrete and masonry repair. This ranges from the use of impact echo techniques to perform non-destructive testing, to in-situ vacuum repair techniques, to specific polymers for various repair conditions.

The following research papers have been compiled to provide clients and their engineers with relevant technical information. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these articles which you can download here. Please contact us if you would prefer to have a copy sent to you.

State of the Art in Concrete Polymer Materials in the U.S.

Document: SOTA-Dr_Fowler.pdf (655kb)
Author(s): David W. Fowler, Ph.D., P.E.
Publication: The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, U.S.A.
Keywords: polymer impregnation, Balvac Vacuum impregnation system polymer, concrete, repair, precast polymer concrete, polymer concrete overlays.

Expansion of Concrete Due to Alkali-Silica Reaction

Document: 85-M05.pdf (655kb)
Author(s): R. Narayan Swamy and M. M. Al-Asali
Publication: ACI Materials Journal
Volume: 85
Issue: 1
Keywords: alkali-aggregate reactions; alkalies; cement-aggregate reactions; concrete durability; concretes; cracking (fracturing); deterioration; expansion; silica; temperature; Materials Research
Date: January 1 1988

Detecting Delaminations in Concrete Slabs With and Without Overlays Using the Impact-Echo Method

Document: 86-M18.pdf (4247kb)
Author(s): Mary Sansalone and Nicholas J. Carino
Publication: ACI Materials Journal
Volume: 86
Issue: 2
Keywords: asphalts; concretes; concrete slabs; delaminating; stress waves; impact-echo method; nondestructive tests; Materials Research
Date: March 1 1989

Effect of Alkali Silica Reaction Expansion and Cracking on Structural Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Beams

Document: 95-S44.pdf (491kb)
Author(s): Shenfu Fan and John M. Hanson
Publication: ACI Structural Journal
Volume: 95
Issue: 5
Keywords: alkali-silica reaction (ASR); compressive strength; cracking; dynamic modulus; expansion; flexural loading capacity; reinforced concrete beams; splitting tensile strength;
Date: September 1 1998

Epoxy Repair Techniques for Moderate Earthquake Damage

Document: 87-S41.pdf (891kb)
Author(s): Catherine Wolfgram French Gregory A. Thorp and Wen-Jen Tsai
Publication: ACI Structural Journal
Volume: 87
Issue: 4
Keywords: beams (supports); bond (concrete to reinforcement); buildings; columns (supports); damage; earthquakes; energy dissipation; epoxy resins; joints (junctions); lateral pressure; loads (forces); reinforced concrete; repairs; structures
Date: July 1 1990

Chloride Corrosion Threshold in Concrete

Document: 84-M32.pdf (819kb)
Author(s): Brian B. Hope and Alan K. C. Ip
Publication: ACI Materials Journal
Volume: 84
Issue: 4
Keywords: alkalinity; chlorides; concrete slabs; corrosion; electrical resistance; reinforcing steels
Date: July 1 1987

Stress Due to Alkali-Silica Reactions in Mortars

Document: b97019.pdf (563kb)
Author(s): C.F. Ferraris J.R. Clifton E.J. Garboczi F.L. Davis
Publication: Mechanisms of Chemical Degradation of Cement-based Systems
Published: 1997
Publisher: E&F Spon
Keywords: alkali-silica reaction; ASR; mortar; stress measurements; Youngs modulus; stress relaxation

In Situ Structural Rehabilitation of Deteriorated Platform Concrete

Document: CRB9307-08.pdf  (989kb)
Author(s): Mohammad Irshad
Publication: Concrete Repair Bulletin
Published: 1993
Publisher: International Concrete Repair Institute
Keywords: in situ repair; alkali aggregate reaction; impregnation; methyl-methacrylate; MMA; vacuum repair